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Custom Coffee Tables Perth

Art of Epoxy Resin & Exotic Wood

Coffee Tables - Do I Need a Custom One?

Designing a stylish coffee table is not an easy task. As this piece of furniture is usually purchased separately,
it needs to match everything else in the room. This is why we offer a custom measure and design a custom coffee table tailored to your needs. Additionaly - you will own one ofa a kind of piece of furniture - that's right every single coffee table we manufacture is different.

Stylish yet Sturdy

A perfect table should not only look amazing, but also needs to serve the main purpose. And although it might seem to be a fairly easyt task,
belive us - it is not. Beverages like coffee and tea are served hot and if the surface is vulnerable to high temperature, it most likely
result in stains and various discolourations which may occur. Additionaly, it has to be resistant to scratches.

Epoxy Resin Coffee Tables

 - Point of Difference

Epoxy resin looks stunning and is very durable. Can be used to connect a multiple pieces of wood into one solid top and depending on pigment used,
different effects can be achived. From solid metalic colours, metallic pearl to semi translucent, or translucent - it's like with paintings.
Only sky is the limit.

Beautifully designed tables

It takes a long time to properly design and make a perfect coffee table. We specialise in woodworking and carpentry for ove a decade, so we patient and dont rush things.

Made locally in Perth, WA

In the era of cheap furniture imported from China, we realise that our products may seem to be overpriced. However - we do everything manually and we pay our employees a regular australian salary. 

Built to last

We select only the best wood we can find in WA. Marri & Jarrah from Busselton, Blackbutt & Sheoak from Margaret River. We also have some exotic woods imported from the USA, if you need something extraordinary.

10 year warranty on all table models

That's right. 10 years of warranty - we guarantee our tables won't break. Still not happy - ok. we can give you 15 years! *only on selected range of products.

Unique designs

Our products are custom designed in Perth, Western Australia. Everything is done locally - from initial drafts, selecting the wood to 

Custom orders

Have an idea and want us to make it happen - Great we love that kind of stuff!

Customer satisfaction

You have 10 years of warranty and 60 days to return the product without giving any reason.

With our tables coffee might taste even better

All of our tables are proudly manufactured in Western Australia. We love style, quality and we also are coffee connoisseurs. Visit our showroom in Perth and check out our furniture! Pop in for a free coffee & chat anytime you want.

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